Writing Workshops

Writing workshops tend to vary depending on the content of my latest book. Currently I am concentrating on Three Little Sheep. I start by explaining about how I write, where ideas come from etc. and included is a very groanworthy shaggy dog story which was the inspiration for the book. I then explain how I come up with characters and draw some examples to show the creative process and explain how I create a storyboard to send to a publisher. I then suggest a story outline which the children and teachers can continue in their own time or....

In a double session, the children then come up with their own ideas for characters (drawing them) and a general plotline similar to Three Little Sheep creating their own story maps. The idea for this session is to inspire children to be creative rather than concentrating on grammar and spelling which teachers are more qualified to do! If there is time, the children can start writing but of course, the project can continue after I have gone.

picture to follow

Number of children Any number up to class size (approx 30)
Age range Years 3-6
Session length + Approx 1 hour but obviously writing can continue after I have finished my session...or an extra hour could be added.
Materials required + sheets of A2 (approx) white paper (e.g. flip chart paper).
+ easel or flip chart.
+ lined paper/exercise books for the children to write their stories in.