Personal Details

Here are some commonly asked questions about me.

You can also see a film of me on Youtube here.

What's your full name? Robert, Anthony Lewis
When is your birthday? 16th July 1962
Where do you live? Our house in the winter.

Here, on a 7 acre smallholding near Rhayader in Mid Wales

Who lives with you?

Just my wife, Tracey. We used to have cats, chickens and bees but now we just have a couple of fields of sheep. We have two grown up sons, Tim and Rhydian who live in Hereford and Newcastle.

Have you a particular vice? I've got one in my workshop, but apart from that, eating too much cheese or playing music when I should be working.
Have you a particular virtue? Perseverence, patience when people phone me up with computer queries (but only in this aspect!)
Have you any ambitions? To write a book for older children (and get it published)
What's your favourite colour? Green
What's your favourite food? Cheese. Every kind that exists, even the smelly ones.
What's your favourite word? Machynlleth
What's your favourite smell? Vanilla Pods
Which was your favourite book when you were young? Stag Boy by William Rayner
Which is your favourite book now? Any book by Robert Westall though I really like Crime fiction by Jo Nesbo and Phil Rickman
Have you got a favourite TV programme? Jonathan Creek and Scooby Doo (the old episodes from about 1970)
What was your most thrilling moment? Steering 'The Marques' tall ship around Land's End. Unfortunately it sank near Bermuda in 1984 but that had nothing to do with me, honest.
What would you have done if you hadn't been an author? Archaeology if I'd passed more exams, forestry if I'd had more energy, a musician if I'd had more talent.
What do you do when not writing & illustrating? I like composing music, doing DIY, cooking and gardening, in fact I now work three days a week as a gardener. I also preach regularly in local churches and chapels.lead worship there.
Do you visit schools and libraries? Yes, I work with children from nursery up to Year 6 all over the UK. Click Here for details.