I start by reading a story and base the theme of the frieze on one of the pictures in the book.The children then work on drawing and collage pictures on separate paper (at their own tables, or space on the floor if done in a hall). The collage pictures are then cut out and stuck onto the main frieze towards the end of the session.

Number of children + Approx 30
Age range + Years 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Session length + Approx 1 hour
Materials required + roll of paper approx 30x2.5ft preferably white and not too thin. If this is a problem we can usually stick large sheets of A2 paper together.
+ crayons, felt tips, chalks, pencils, pastels etc. NOT PAINT.
+ scissors, glue.
+ smaller pieces of paper for each person, approx A4 size or larger.
+ collage materials-foil, fabric, coloured paper etc.