A talk on how a book is produced from idea stage to finished product. The main part of this session is an "Art Attack" style painting demonstration where I reproduce a piece of artwork from one of my books using the same paints and techniques as in the original (only larger so that everyone can see what Iím doing!). The session includes marker drawings and samples of work.

Number of children + up to 60 (2 classes)
Age range + Year 2, 3, 4, 5, 6
Session length + Approx 1 hour
Materials required + sheets of A2 (approx) white paper.(e.g. flip chart paper)
+ easel or flip chart.
+ water colour or spirit markers in any colours (black preferred)-though I usually bring my own.
+ a sheet of A2 (approx) WHITE card (for the painting)
+ extension cable, if a power point is not conveniently close-this is to plug in my hairdryer, used to dry off my picture quickly in case you wondered!