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Here is a list of my books

Unfortunately not all of them are in print but you may be able to borrow them from your local library or buy them secondhand through the Amazon link.
Click on the PICTURES for more information on each title.
Click on UNDERLINED TITLES to buy from All editions are paperback unless stated.

Hello Mr Scarecrow
(Shortlisted for WH Smith award)
Macdonald 1987
The Great Granny Robbery Macdonald 1987
Friska The Sheep That was Too Small Macdonald/Hodder 1987
The White Bicycle Macdonald 1988
Come Back Hercules
Now online in the 'stories' section
Macdonald 1988
You'll Be Late Father Christmas Macdonald 1989
Ollie's Song Macdonald 1990
Henrietta's First Winter Bodley Head/Red Fox 1990
A Scary Story Night Macdonald 1990
Mr Dunfilling And The Toothy Monster Macdonald 1991
Johnny's In Love Macdonald 1991
Small Change Bodley Head/Red Fox 1991
Jake's Birthday Bodley Head/Red Fox 1992
Tidy Up Trevor Bodley Head/Red Fox 1993
Lazy Daisy
Hardback Edition
Bodley Head/Red Fox 1994
Try Again Trevor
Hardback Edition
Bodley Head/Red Fox 1995
Mr Dunfilling And The Cavity Of Doom Macdonald 1995
Grandpa Comes To Stay
Hardback Edition
Bodley Head/Red Fox 1996
Mr Dunfilling And The Denture Adventure Macdonald 1996
Hide And Seek With Grandpa Red Fox 1997
Grandpa On Holiday Red Fox 1997
Too Much Trouble For Grandpa Red Fox 1997
Tidy Up Trevor (mini treasure edition) Red Fox 1998
Mr Dunfilling And The Tasty Paste Macdonald 1998
Hardback Edition
Bodley Head/Red Fox 1999
Friends Together Bodley Head/Red Fox 2000
Ffrindiau (hardback only) Gomer 2000
Pawb Gyda'i Gilydd (hardback only) Gomer 2000
The Lord Is My Shepherd (hardback only) Lion 2001
Totally Trevor Red Fox 2001
Bye, Bye Bozwell Bear Bodley Head/Red Fox 2002
Cold Jac
(Winner of the 2003 Tir Na N-og award)
Gomer 2002
O Diolch Nain! (Cold Jac in Welsh) Gomer 2002
Trevor's Boat Hunt
Hardback Edition
Random House 2003
Brothers And Sisters
Hardback edition
Hodder July 2004
What's Up Jac? Gomer April 2005
Beth Sy Jac? (What's Up Jac in Welsh) Gomer April 2005
It's Gone Jac! Gomer 2006
Ble Mae e Jac? (It's Gone Jac in Welsh) Gomer 2006
Wolf Goes To Sea Gomer 2008
Blaidd Yn Mynd i'r Mor (Wolf in Welsh) Gomer 2008
Three Little Sheep Gomer 2010
Tair Dafad Fach (3 Sheep in Welsh) Gomer 2010
Cover To Cover-How A Book Is made Gomer 2012
O Glawr I Glawr Gomer 2012
Mo Can't Go Gomer 2015

Books in print are in black.
Books out of print are in green
But if underlined are available secondhand or new from Amazon
Books not yet published are in blue.

If unavailable from Amazon, all the Gomer titles can be purchased direct from Gomer.

Though the 'Grandpa' books are out of print in the UK, the US versions are available through Amazon. There are a few variations in the language ('faucet' instead of 'tap' for instance) but not many.
Many of my books are published in countries other than the UK but I am unable to give details of availability.

Other projects

Work for Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin (Welsh Playgroups Association)

Ein Cartref Ni MYM Gem synau i blant (sound effects game)
Snap Tedi Helpu'n gilydd MYM 40 o gardiau chwarae (40 game cards)
Helpu'n Gilydd MYM Llyfr Lliwio (colouring book)
Dydd A Nos MYM Llyfr Lliwio (colouring book)

Work for compilations, magazines etc.

Three Little Pigs (illustrations) Hutchinson Hutchinson Treasury Of Fairytales
Neville's Drain Plant Glenmoor Publications Boys First Magazine
At the bottom of the garden (illustration) Hutchinson Prickly Poems
Le Petit Ballon Rouge Bayard Presse Popi Magazine (en Francais)
Les Deux Agneaux Bayard Presse Mes Premieres Histoires
La Peche aux etoiles Bayard Presse Premieres Histoires
Mademoiselle Albertine! Bayard Presse Pomme D'Api
Le grand voyage de Baloup Bayard Presse Tralalire
La loup et les deux agneaux Bayard Presse Les Premieres Histoires
Monsieur le vent Bayard Presse Tralalire
La toute petite chenille Bayard Presse Tralalire
Three Little Caterpillars Bayard Presse Storybox Magazine
Mr Wind Bayard Presse Storybox Magazine
L' Os d'Orlina Bayard Presse Tralalire

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